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How often do you persuade yourself not to be afraid of challenges? Once a month, or maybe, you tell yourself about it several times a day? Maybe, it is enough to live under pressure of your own fears, maybe it is time to change your life for better? It is not easy to make relocation decision on your own, yet together with Palleonn team your pathway towards new future with new international opportunities will be much easier, as we are here for your overcoming all challenges towards your immigration to Australia.

We know that thoughts about immigration generate your wish to know as much as possible about new country of destination. That is why you can find all relevant information about Australia on our web site:

  • historical and cultural peculiarities,
  • local life philosophy,
  • best education establishments data,
  • procedures and processing instructions of getting proper documents to relocate to Australia and more.

You can also get information about Australia in our web site section «Immigration» and obtain individual chances’s assessment on immigration to Australia. More information on that may be found in «Services» section.

Moreover, we recommend you to read feedbacks of our clients, who moved to Australia with Palleonn Centre services. We thank you for your time and are here to assist you from A to Z in your aim to live, work or study in Australia.

19 Feb

New visa to Canada 2020

Have you seen the new design of the visa to Canada? Well, we have!! Congratulations to Mariia with the brand new visitor visa to Canada! Looking forward to seeing you in Canada very soon! Do you want to live in Canada? We are here to ease your way! #palleonn_immigration #Palleonn_feedback #visa_to_Canada #immigration_to_Canada #паллеонн #паллеонн_отзывы #иммиграция_в_канаду

14 Feb

Visitor visa to Canada – success again!

Success again! Congratulations to Natalie and Alex with Visitor Visas to Canada! We are looking forward to meeting you in Canada in frames of your visit as a step towards immigration to Canada! The more challenging the pathway – the more valuable is the successful result! Once again, a simple thing is proved: immigration to […]

2 Nov

Immigration to Canada from Israel – congratulations on visas!

Andrii amd Nigar! We are looking forward to see you in Canada! We are proud to be here for you all the way through your immigration pathway! And thank you for your feedback “Finally it happened. We would like to thank Olena Palatnik and Palleon agency for their assistance, support and cooperation during our immigration […]

22 Oct

Immigration to Canada with employer support – result!

Immigration to Canada with employer support – is THE challenge. We congratulate Vasyl and his family with patience during the whole process and success at the end! Vasyl found his employer during Manitoba Recruitment Session, got the provincial nomination, entered Canada with work permit and last week landed, receiving a permanent resident status in Canada. […]

19 Oct

Immigration to Canada from Philippines – feedback 2019

Our warmest congratulations to another Philippines family that immigrated with us to Canada and landed recently in Morden, Manitoba. May you have a wonderful life in this blessed country! “Thank you Olena Palatnik of Palleonn Consulting Centre for the big help in getting through the long winding road. You never get tired of answering and giving information […]

6 May

IELTS exam – NEW format 2019 – Computer delivered test – all you wanted to know!

It is a well-known fact that modern technologies are developing at a really fast pace and affecting all the spheres of humans’ lives. IELTS exam is not an exception. In most of the countries around the world, starting January 2019 this exam has become available not only in the usual, paper-based format but in the […]

5 Feb

Visa to Canada 2019 – our congratulations to the client!

It is awesome to see the result of provided services. Multi entry Visitor visa to Canada – is a great result. Our warmest congratulations and wishes to have a wonderful trip!

17 Dec

Happy holidays!

We would like to inform that we go for a holiday vacation from 26.12.2018 till 7.01.2019.We are back on 8.01.2019. Happy holidays!

2 May

Palleonn at International Emigration & Luxury Property Expo 2018

Possessing high professional status in immigration consulting, Palleonn was invited to Kyiv International Emigration & Luxury PropertyExpo (КIELP Expo). Thanks exhibitors and organizers. The Expo gave us new knowledge and realizing that indeed, Palleonn – is probably the best in immigration consulting.    

21 Feb

Due to Palleonn Centre I received the right and became a permanent resident of Canada

I would like to show my great appreciation to Palleonn team for the work done in terms of my immigration to Canada. My pathway was not the easiest one, as I had an unforeseen situation with my employer, though Palleonn was in touch with me 24/7 and I got all the support from them and […]

13 Dec

Visitor Visa to Canada – Palleonn Centre feedback – after initial refusal – Canadian Visa Office Abu Dabhi (UAE)

It is not a secret that Canada has its own statistics data considering risky countries – those, citizens and/or residents of which breach Canadian Immigration Law more often than others. One of the vivid examples of our victory on Canadian Visa Office statistics is Alona and Mike case. They are Ukrainian nationals, working permanently in […]

13 Dec

Excellent news – congrats on getting multi entry Visitor Visa to Canada

Our warmest congratulations to one of our clients, who successfully got multi entry Visitor Visa to Canada valid until the end of passport validity. Andrew – is the third guy in the big family that referred to Palleonn for visa support and immigration services. We are very happy to serve such big families. We wish Andrew […]

16 May

Thank you for visa to Australia!

I would like to thank Palleonn Centre for their excellent job in providing immigration consultancy services and preparing me for IELTS Academic exam. I am very satisfied with the services and feel lucky I have chosen Palleonn for these works. Palleonn team made my dream come true – I got student visa to Australia! We have […]