Express Entry Canada

As of the 31st of January 2015, the first round of candidates selection under Express Entry Canada was held.

Based on all other factors, average candidate may have the following characteristics:

  • age – 35 ( with family) – 65 points;
  • 3 years of education after high school – 112 points;
  • language proficiency – 6,0 for each IELTS module – 64 points;
  • additional applicant has 3 years of education after high school – 7 points;
  • language proficiency of additional applicant – 0 points;
  • education/language of principal applicant – 13 points;
  • work experience/ language of principal applicant – 25 points.

Totally – 286 points (+ 600 points for job offer or Provincial Nomination).

However, presently, our experience shows that candidates have mostly results between 200 and 400 points without a job offer or Provincial Nomination.

According to the passing score under the Express Entry system the following recommendations for potential immigrants can be identified:

  1. An optimal variant for immigration is the obtainment of Provincial Nomination. If you have not yet started the process of immigration to Canada or do not know how to choose the immigration program for submission, please contact specialists of Palleonn Center to evaluate your chances for immigration and advise you on all available Provincial Immigration programs.
  2. Finding an employer who can make and get Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) for you as for foreign worker. For this purpose, we recommend you to visit Canada for interviews with potential employers.
  3. In addition, it is possible that the number of “+600” candidates with job offers or Provincial Nomination will decrease and the Government may start issuing Invitations To Apply for Canadian permanent residence to candidates with average score of 200-400 points. Yet such a situation may not happen, taking into view that the Government of Canada aims to select the most potential candidates who can get economically established in Canada as soon as possible.

Please, keep in mind, that Canada offers more than 80 immigration programs. For successful adaptation in Canada, please contact Palleonn Center to evaluate your chances and to know all possible variants of your family and your own immigration.

If you are already a client of Palleonn Center, your Personal Manager will contact you for immigration strategy discussion and consultation on updated information if it is actually for you.

We continue monitoring the processing time under Express Entry Canada and will inform you about all updates and trends.

If you are interested in the evaluation of your chances for immigration to Canada under this or other available programs (currently over 80 programs), we invite you to benefit from the services of Palleonn Global and evaluate your chances. Professional immigration law and visa support Consultants fully analyze your candidature for immigration to Canada and provide you with the written and verbal conclusion with official links to existing immigration legislation of Canada.

In order to register to initial consultation and chances evaluation, please contact the Operator of Palleonn Global by telephone, e-mail, Skype or come to our office.